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Lori and Sharon will never speak out. It doesn’t matter whether Stevie is alive or dead. They will be loyal to her. I don’t know about Stevie‘s niece.

Now, Waddy might. But he is going to wait till he is 100% positive that Stevie can’t tour anymore before he says anything. And she will probably outlive him anyway.

Originally Posted by David View Post
I wonder whether any of these cats — inside the band or out — can remember much more of what went down than what they’ve already aired the last twenty years. Drug use + old age = bad memories. In the studio, the engineers were supposed to have notated everything very carefully: track data, instrumentation, dates, and so on. But it still gets jumbled up and spit out wrong in our various reissues (“It says here there’s a clavinet on Songbird.” No, there isn’t—somebody was high.)

Somebody writes that Lindsey threw a Les Paul at Stevie in New Zealand in 1980. But Lindsey doesn’t even remember enough to respond: “I wasn’t touring with a Les Paul in 1980. Your claim is a result of your brain on acid. Or perhaps it was projection: you wish I had thrown something heavy and electronic at her.”

Even Stevie is supposed to have journaled everything in her multivolume diary. Yet she can’t even remember why she wrote Sisters of the Moon, according to the Tusk deluxe.

It’s sweet seeing all the lovely little Polaroids Richard Dashut is posting. But why are they all dated “sometime in the 1970s”? Uh, d’uh.

No, I think these cats are finished with their stories. They may continue to share stories, but they’re probably concocting or free-associating. I think this band should can the books and just release old concerts. Old recordings never forget and never lie.
As has been pointed out before about that guitar throwing: everyone remembered that Lindsey did something to Stevie. But they could not remember exactly what. Stevie thought that Lindsey flicked his foot at her. This is what they said first, when they first spoke of the drama. Then all of a sudden, years later, she thought of the guitar throwing. I don’t think her memory improved over time. So what she said last is not the most accurate version of events to me.

I don’t doubt that Lindsey has thrown a guitar at her at some point, but I do not think it was while they were on tour in New Zealand. I do not think that it almost hit her and she ducked like a ninja, like she now claims.

I only say that he probably did throw a guitar at her some time because at one point they are in a joint print interview (Mojo?) and an unspecified Macster that I assume is Stevie says: “remember when you threw that Les Paul at me?” And he doesn’t say anything. At least he doesn’t say anything that the reporter writes down. So I guess he knows he must’ve thrown a guitar at her some time. But I doubt it was during a show, in New Zealand or during any concert.
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