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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post

I completely agree with you here. Particularly since so many bands are making 2018/2019 their "farewell" and are doing it well. There is promotion around it, interviews etc. FM....their US promotion was laughable and exposed the lie. UK promotion was pretty close to non existent save for rolling out NF and MF. And the AUS/NZ promotion makes it seem like Crowded House is on tour with special guests from FM and TPH. And Stevie is no where to be found in any interviews. That's unheard of for any prior tours. It's like they relying more on their loyal Instagram followers to do the marketing for them. Looking forward to them hobbling towards the sunset now.

I suspect that they didn't anticipate the blow back they got. Tickets did sell but I wouldn't say this tour was a smashing success. They sold a million tickets this tour. I wonder how many they sold last tour in 2014-2015? Likely just as many if not more since Christine was back.
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