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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Elton John had input and gave his blessing to his biopic; Queen were involved in all aspects of the making of BR.... Tina Turner had control over the Broadway show about her; same with Cher and the show about her....

Can you possibly imagine all of the Rumours 5 agreeing on ANYTHING??
Especially now?

You know Stevie and her people would want so much control and stories told from her perspective... even after she's not around anymore.

You know LB will never go for that, nor KB if she represents him if the worst should happen.

Mick will just take the money.

John likely won't want to participate and rehash his life stories.

Christine...hard to say.

I just don't see an authorized/blessed FM movie. Ever. Maybe Stevie will give someone her blessing to do a movie all about HER. Maybe. But I don't see a book or movie or whatever about the band that would be green-lit by all 5.

Just my tuppence.
exactly. there would be yet another war between them. Mick and Stevie would insist they have every authority to bless anything named Fleetwood Mac because they ousted Lindsey so he has no say anymore, and then push a completely distorted version which would make Lindsey a villain - resulting in another lawsuit from Lindsey. all that would permanently throw a wrench into any FM movie ever going forward. leaving whoever would try to produce losing money before the movie would be even cast.


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