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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I have no idea but usually its about the artist not wanting to be included or is not paid enough. Maybe Lindsey didn't want the song on the soundtrack in case the movie was a flop or something. This has happened on other albums. The Flashdance soundtrack was one of the biggest selling albums of 1983. Joan Jett's "I love rock n roll" is in the movie but not included on the album. I heard that Joan did not want it on the album. The Go Gos did not want "We got the beat" (one of their biggest hits) on the Fast Times soundtrack. They gave them another song instead. We Got The Beat is the opening song to the movie.
How about this. No one thought Woodstock would be profitable. Mountain's manager persuaded the band to not be included in the soundtrack or any video performances. They lost a ton of money and publicity for that decision The album went to #1 and made many bands famous and rich.

I guessed that could be the reason. I watched Forrest Gump again last night for the first time in many years. Obviously all the music used in the film is brilliant and has its place but when it got to the 'run' Go Your Own Way really sent shivers down my back. I remember being perplexed when the soundtrack was released that GYOW was omitted. Then, having looked it up on wikipedia it seems GYOW was later added when the album was reissued. That really sounds like typical Fleetwood Mac.
Surely though, if he/they didnt want it used on the soundtrack he/they wouldnt have sanctioned its use for the film in the first place???

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