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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
Richard says feels honored to be treated like a 6th member of the band and he is not just a technical hired hand. Obviously he was emotionally more than that, having lived with Lindsey and Stevie and essentially lived with ALL of them during the production of the various albums. And he responds just like a member of the band. I noticed every time anyone questioned him about any of the books written about the band, he's never read them. That's a company line. I suspect they have all read the books (whether or not they paid for them is another story). I think his answers are careful. He does "walk a thin line." Unlike Bob Welch, who gave his unvarnished answers to "the punters" without regard to any band members feelings, perhaps Richard may have another role to play with this band in the future. Stranger things have happened.
^Yes. I've mentioned before I think he may be trying to reconnect with the band in some working capacity and seems to be answering in band-approved ways. We just ought take the blog for what it is. The photos however are really great and of course never before seen anywhere which makes it pretty cool.
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