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Yeah and then those albums didn't sell which I doubt put her in a good mood. What happened to Dave Stewart anyways? I saw someone point it out, what happened to him? She raved and raved about how working with him was the best thing that ever happened to her, best year of her life, she only wants to have him produce etc etc. He always tweeted updates on her and everything and now what happened?

I think some people are too far up Stevie's ass. And anyone who thinks she doesn't really care about records selling is delusional. That plays a huge role in her not having motivation. Her whole attitude towards the music industry now is very cynical. She even said she doesn't write as many songs anymore. All those things coming together just made her lose interest in a desire to actually create something new. She needs to stop blaming everything on everything and everyone else and just say that in the end, it all comes down to her. How she's looking at everything, how she's perceiving everything.
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