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Originally Posted by BLY View Post
No Bob Weston love for this album?
It was an ok album, but I tended to prefer the earlier works of Studio Picks and Nightlight.

I remember buying There is a Heaven, I seem to remember it was through the Penguin in the days when we had a store in Marty's time.

Sad that we lost him, and we never did get that fourth solo album that he apparently had been working on some year before he died. I seem to remember emailing Steve Fairhead (of the old usenet newsgroup days, and maybe on here too way back when) who used to run the relevant page, but he just said there were delays, etc, and it never did seem to progress past that.

I just got the feeling that we never did see Weston's true talent in any of his solo albums, it was a little hit and miss.
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