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Speaking of the label...

Longtime Warner exec Mo Ostin died at the age of 95(!).

“I have a crystal-clear memory of Fleetwood Mac walking in the front door of the Warner Bros. offices in 1975 and I can honestly say that my world changed instantly,” singer Stevie Nicks said. “Mo was loving and nurturing and had excellent musical taste, with boundless ideas and vision. He listened to artists and always put them first.”

“I looked to him as a friend first, who helped guide me and Fleetwood Mac into a place where we, like many others, were free to develop our music and have our creative needs met with wisdom and open arms,” added drummer Mick Fleetwood.

Reading their comments makes me think that if either Mick or Stevie wanted to access "Silver Springs" for some purpose, it would have been possible.
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