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Originally Posted by manfred View Post
Hi dino,

Spartacus R. is a bass player. His real name is Durban LaVerde. So I think that's indeed the name the announcer gave on your copy. Are you sure about the other names. The man from WDR wrote indeed about a 7-person line-up as you too listed one in your posting.

Best wishes and regards

P.S. By the way: WDR releases often DVDs of the gigs of their Rockpalast Nights. Maybe they plan to issue Peter's/Kolors' performance soon.
Aha, thanks for that info... Yes', I'm 100 % sure about the other names.
Except perhaps Alan Barnes..a bit of a mystery man...haven't found any info on him. That's the name the speaker gives, though.
Mick Weaver is not on this show - he joined in spring '83 it seems.

Peter Green : Vocals, lead guitar
Alan Barnes : electic piano, vocals (lead vocals on "Words That Bite")
Emmanuel Rentzos: organ, vocals (lead vocals on "Make it Right")
Stephen Rene: guitar, vocals (sometimes named as Stephan).
Durban LaVerde aka Spartacus R.: bass
Godfrey MacLean : Drums
Jeff Whittaker : Congas, percussion

One problem, though - why do WDR refer to this concert as being from Cologne? All evidence points to Markthalle, Hamburg (the group played in Cologne on November 29, 1982).

Ken - the announcer comes on after the concert. I only have this on a cd-r you sent me.

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