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I’ll be there for anything they do going forward. Loved the current tour when I went to see them in Atlantic City. Excited to see them play again in Philly - and to hopefully get a glimpse of the rest of the group when we’re all there at Stevie’s hall of fame induction next week.

This is my band that I’ve loved all my life. My mom sang Landslide to me & all my siblings when she’d rock us to sleep as babies. My youngest sister is even named Rhiannon. My first tattoo was a crescent moon. I made most of my close friends through FM shows.

It would take a lot more than kicking out one member to get me to stop loving this group. I’m not sure what they’d have to do to lose my love but it’d have to be really bad - like ”secretly nazis” or “killing puppies” kind of bad.

And seeing as the vast majority of people I know are still loving them & still going to shows, it kind of seems like I’m in the majority
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