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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
If we add a new forum for the new line up, what would you like to call it.

I am getting ready to rename Lindsey’s Forum to Thrown Down.

You New Line up people tell me what you want a new one called. You detractors need not nominate names. I already know what you’re thinking.

Themed names can be fun, but everybody's getting so weird about the forum breakdowns. Maybe to placate everybody's weirdness, we just assign every forum a duration in years.
  • 1967-1974 (group Green and Welch years because after all, how many divisions does a band site need?)
  • 1975-1987
  • 1987-1992
  • 1994-1995 (or omit this stretch entirely!)
  • 1997-2018
  • 2018-year that John dies (macabre but practical)

Or we could pattern the forum divisions after Andrew Sarris and his directors' categories:
  • Pantheon
  • The Far Side of Paradise
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Less Than Meets The Eye
  • Lightly Likable
  • Strained Seriousness
  • Oddities
  • One-Shots
  • Newcomers
  • Subjects for Further Research
  • Make Way for the Clowns
  • Miscellany
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