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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Remember, this is The Guardian. In the UK, “Hold Me” only reached #94–one of their poorest performing singles of the Rumours-era band. There’s no telling why. The song seems pretty compatible with British pop at the time. “Oh Diane” (#9) and “Gypsy” (#46) fared better, “Oh Diane” because of its retro 50s sound was in step with a current strand of pop in the UK, and Stevie Nicks’ high profile solo debut probably kept her in the limelight.

It’s a fine pop song, featuring the band at its cleverest. But there’s no surprise why it doesn’t make The Guardian’s top 30.
All of that is true. But most of the songs on the list never cracked the UK charts either. The picks from Mirage are Only Over You and Gypsy. None of his top picks were that big in the UK either.
Behind the Mask was a #1 album in the UK so where is the love on this UK list if that was the standard? I think everyone who make these lists agree that pop success should not be the factor for ranking songs. If I never heard any song from Mirage before and played the album for the first time, Hold Me would stand out as a great tune.
But then again, all of this is subjective and none of us could ever agree on anything. Dreams is a great song but it does get annoying because of its #1 status it always gets the top spot on these lists. I think Why would top my list.
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