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Default Syw

I hope history is kinder to SYW. I'd agree that it was the album that fit them at the time, their voices, their usual themes. Most of it is pretty great and I don't think an album coming from them now would be as good. There are SYW songs that could easily be jettisoned forever (Murrow/Silver Girl to name but two!), but it was a rather strong effort in the end. I wish they'd rotated some of the songs on that tour so more would've got live takes, but I'm glad I got to hear Destiny Rules before it was dropped. I skipped the BuckVie tour because I couldn't justify the expense when Christine's voice was getting dodgy...but I also don't think I missed much considering they were all on YouTube afterwards. Hoping for more music, but I'll always enjoy what we've got so far. BuckVie is a nice treat that I didn't expect but can pull off the shelf every once in a while or merge into a playlist with other newer things.
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