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Default Ranked Best To Worst...

Fleetwood Mac *
Rumours *
Tusk *

Plus honorable mention to
Fleetwood Mac Live
Then Play On

These are all head and shoulders
above the rest. And they are the
albums that lay waiting on me when
I became a fan of Stevie in 1983.
An exciting time I must say.

* (albums weren't listed according to their rank)

Houston, we have a problem...

Tango In The Night

While still somewhat enjoyable. These
two albums are nowhere near the quality
of the albums that came before them.

I don't know whether to blame the group or
the record company for breaking Lindsey's
spirit (maybe both). But somethings definitely

Trash Bin...

Save for just a few songs, these albums should
have been thrown in the garbage.

Behind The Mask
Say You Will

I do believe Say You Will could have been
a good solo album for Lindsey sans the blonde.
My skin crawls just writing out the titles of these
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