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As a fan of FM from the 1975 White Album to now, I can't rate or rank any other FM albums but the ones from that era.

8) Time- the only FM album I gave away. Just didn't sound like FM to me.

7) Say You Will- as someone else said so well, this album is like a conversation that goes on too long.

6) Mirage- Stevie shines, Christine treads water, and Lindsey takes 2 steps back.

5) Tango in the Night- Christine shines, Lindsey treads water, and Stevie takes 2 steps back.

4) Behind the Mask- maybe because it's the 'underdog' or black sheep of the FM catalog, but I absolutely love this album!

3) FM- only complaint is it's too short!

2) Tusk- I've come to like this more than Rumours now, but I really hate some of Lindsey's songs on this.

1) Rumours- unfortunately, I'm sick of some of these songs, but that's my fault and this album deserves to be #1.
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