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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
I disagree. I think she could easily do a blues album. It's not like blues artists are known for their youth. Buddy Guy is 81, John Mayall is 83, B.B. King was in his late '80s before he retired, and Sippie Wallace played until she was nearly 88, so if she stays healthy, I see no reason why she couldn't do one, especially with Mick, Rick, and John.
I fact, John is the one who has said he can't see himself doing this past 75.....not sure if that was music in general, or just Fleetwood Mac in particular.
That said, I bet if Chris (and Mick!) asked, he would say yes!
I just worry that, after 18-24 months on the road, Lindsey might push for a second B/M album....and Chris will give in to that!
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