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Originally Posted by KarmaContestant View Post
SYW was started in 2002, and released in 2003. That's a year.

Tango took 16 months - November 1985 to March 1987.

Tusk is well documented at 18 months.

Rumours took a large chunk of 1976, much of it due to mixing. And mixing. And mixing.

I think she's spot-on when she says FM spends a year to record an album.

As a fan, I'd say the time is worth it - the results are typically stellar. As a band member, I'd say we need a young producer to take the reins and keep us focused and working, and not over-manipulating the material.
Even if it does end up taking a year, Stevie does not actually have to be there locked up in that studio every single day for the entire year. But the way she talks about it, you'd think she would.

I think one time an interviewer mentioned Stevie's complaints about Tusk to Lindsey and he said something about how that surprised him because she only came to the studio around 3 days a week for her songs. I can't remember the exact quote or where it was from, but it was something like that.

And especially now with technology, she really doesn't need to physically be there all that much.
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