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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
II think she possibly could come up with the goods- its probably just daunting for her. Chris has already brought at least 6 songs to the table and Lindsey has a big bunch. It's like her starting a 100m race with her competitors already 20 metres ahead of her; 'I've sprained my ankle', 'I didn't sleep well last night', 'I have a stomach bug', 'It's a stupid race anyway- its not worth winning'...etc
that sounds like a perfect metaphor, since it does seem like all different rotating reasons she keeps bringing up are just made up excuses to cover something else.

recording takes a year? either she's stuck in some weird time warp, or she's just making stuff up. i don't want Lindsey as a producer? he proposed tons of others (including Dave Stewart!), FM even started recording with Froom, she still refused. the list goes on.
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