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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
Really? Where are they now?
Waiting. Simple as that. Anytime that casual audience hears classic Mac, they buy it.

1) The EP (aside from being announced on tour and having little to no promotion besides appearing for one week on the front page of iTunes) had 4 tracks and not the full classic line-up. It failed to reach a success like SYW because at least that album was marketed properly.

2) The masses who want a full-on, classic Mac album obviously aren't going to go out in droves to get an odd sounding (to the casual listener) Lindsey album or a dated sounded Stevie record of songs 'from the vault'. Those types of albums hardly ever shift great numbers which is why it was mind-boggling to see that tagline as part of the title instead of just '24 Karat Gold'.

3) Because of Glee, Rumours re-entered at the album charts at #12. Astounding feat considering how old that record is. Downloads accounted for 91% of that. In AUS, it went to #2. Then on top of that, take in the actual Glee versions of tracks which were all over the singles chart. If they can market this new project even remotely like they did for SYW (complete with Christine now being involved) this album will be a guaranteed Top 3 hit, I'd bet my life's savings on it.

4) Everywhere got to #15 on the UK singles chart last year because of that commercial with the moon-walking horse.

My point is, the Mac won't have an issue because that audience for the MAC (non-solo) is always there. It's the same reason why they're non-stop trending since the tour begin, why they've been plastered all over the news since Christine's return. It's season of the Mac.

Just because Stevie's album didn't do astonishing numbers doesn't attribute to there not being an audience. It's because it's a "vault" album and on top of that, aside from a generous few, mostly only hardcores are going to really dig and appreciate an album of rarities. That's just the plain, honest truth. Not to mention its marketing (which could've done wonders if they'd actually establish more than several TV dates and an actual online campaign other than twitter clips) sucked complete ass.

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