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I can 100% guarantee you there is a spiritual world. Finding coins is an extremely popular way spirits get your attention. I am the worlds BIGGEST skeptic. Its who I am and the job I have requires me to be a skeptic. 20 years ago I kept seeing these mediums on TV do readings where people would freak out and cry. I was suspect and said they ONLY way I would believe any of this if it happened to me. I used to watch the show America's Psychic Challenge and became really interested in some of the mediums. After the show ended I wanted to contact the medium for a reading. But he was popular and was not taking any bookings. I waited a few years and got an opening. I think it was $400 for an hour. This is when I became a believer. The spirits go through this thing called "validation." They love to send you a message of what is going on in your life now so you know they are with you. In addition, they pick out very rare events that no one knows about to surprise you. The medium asked NO questions of me. I think he knew my name. He told me to say yes or no. He would say things that were so crazy and close to home. He asked who "Frank" was. I said that was my dad. He then asked me if there was a place called Lucky Strikes. I said its not a place but its the cigarette brand my dad smoked. Total validation to let me know it was him. I just moved to a new house and was asked " Did you just move or about to move? YES. Well he is happy with your new place. I could go on forever but when you speak with a real medium its really amazing. The bad part is so many are fakes that you have to find real ones.
I suggest contacting a real medium to get the messages they are probably waiting to tell you. Of course the coins are messages.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how
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