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Originally Posted by elle View Post
does Lindsey have a temper which these days manifests about once per tour on stage when something is not going right? sure. is he an ass for that? maybe. i guess you don't get mad that easily, or in his case when something that should go a certain way, in front of 1000s of people watching, is not. back in 2012 he threw a guitar on stage when something was off at his Santa Cruz show. people who were there said he was seriously mad. then he stopped, collected himself, and made a self-deprecating joke...(it's on youtube, something like "i was gonna play this guitar, but now i guess i'm not!" - something to that effect.) it was interesting to watch. (guitar broke. went to Rick Turner's shop for some serious repairs.)
I can appreciate it was a very stressful situation and don't blame him for feeling angry - but wow was he mad! I was just doing the usual, and highlighting that they both have their issues. Great to hear about the other incident where he managed to collect himself and the self depreciating joke
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