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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
She deals with loss the way WE ALL DO. She's a human being.
My parents died horrible deaths to cancer. A friend of mine was murdered. Another friend OD'd..EVERYBODY suffers and copes with loss.
Stevie hasn't gone through any worse loss than ANY other human being

Wow. That was pretty harsh response. I think you took the OPs comment out of context.

People deal with death very differently. It depends on the mental state and emotional maturity of the one who loses a loved one. And your statement is of "....hasn't gone through any worse loss than ANY other human being" is completely inaccurate; some human beings have to endure much more loss than others....

Be nice. Lets keep this conversation about the loss of Tom Petty and how the fans and other musicians like Stevie will handle the news and please keep your personal loss out of this. Its not about you.
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