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Always sort of liked "Paper Doll". I wouldn't rank it as one of my favourites, but certainly not one of the songs I try to skip when playing CDs. True it's not what most would consider "traditional" FM type material, but really everyone, what is "traditional" FM material??

Definitely agree with those who think it should have been put out as a single instead of "No Questions Asked". That is one of my least favourite of all FM songs, any album, any era, bar none, IMHO. I just have never been able to get into that song. That one I skip every time I have the "Greatest Hits" CD playing. Didn't even include it in my iTunes library when I put my whole CD library on there.

As for "Behind The Mask", think it's a great CD. Have always liked it, have expressed that numerous times on this forum, along with my feelings about Rick, Billy and their contributions to the Mac. Not a huge fan of "Time" but don't hate it either. Seems disjointed and not all the material fits together. Not all bad, just not a "great" CD. I became a little more of a Billy fan because of this and one of his solo CD's after, along with coming to appreciate the talents of Bekka Bramlett.
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