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Originally Posted by wetcamelfood View Post
Yes well "creative differences" was the blurb given to the press at the time but what the real reason was is anybody's guess. I'm sure it didn't help in this regard that many recorded but unused RV tracks (that had leaked out on boots) were considered by fans to be much better than what was used on BTM but based on what I've pieced together is that it was mainly due to a personal family matter as to the main reason he quit. I guess we'll never know for sure though.

Fleetwood Mac severely under-utilized Rick's talent and contributions to the band. He brought the blues back to the band full circle, but he was painted into a small corner. Had that configuration of the band evolved, it would have been fascinating to see them adopting a more bluesy style -- a little more heavy and a little less poppy.

He's a very respected musician and much in demand sessions player. I have almost all of his solo albums.
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