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Default Columbia, SC (2/22/19)

Just got back from my first full-on Mac concert, here's my unoriginal impressions:

1. I know its not a popular opinion around here, but the hits like Landslide, The Chain, Say You Love Me, Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Little Lies and Don't Stop were SUCH a blast to see in concert. The energy in the arena was tremendous and infectious and it made me so happy to be a part of it.

2. Stevie was not too bad vocally! Landslide, Rhiannon, and Gold Dust Woman all sounded fantastic to my ears. Her more nasal tone fits Black Magic Woman SUPER well and the song was a highlight for it. That being said, I cringed a bit when "Free Fallin'" started as she was really bleating on that one. Didn't matter much though as the aforementioned energy in the room was so huge and the tribute so heartfelt it didn't matter much. She also butchered Gypsy, which was the lowpoint of the show by far. She made up for it with all her other songs though, and the amount of energy she puts into the performances even at her age is impressive. The crack-head dance at the end of Gold Dust and the "all the same"s were great.

3. They didn't play Isn't It Midnight (I knew this going in but I'm still pissed) and they skipped Monday Morning as well, which is a bummer but I didn't miss it much. Love the song, but they did a good version of Second Hand News and they're pretty much the same song.

4. Christine was in fine voice! The only time I heard her strain was on You Make Loving Fun, which was probably her low point. Not a terribly interesting rendition of that song. Her songs left less of an impression, but I had a blast singing along to Everywhere, Little Lies, Hold Me, and Say You Love Me. I also thought she did a great job playing keys on Tell Me All the Things You Do, Black Magic Woman, and Don't Stop. It was a lot of fun when the camera zoomed in on her playing. All Over Again was also the PERFECT closer.

5. The energy on stage was fantastic. I've seen so many videos of the Mac looking so miserable, particularly Lindsey and Christine, over the years on stage and this was so different from that. Everyone was bouncing along, smiling constantly, making cute little comments, they seemed to be having so much fun.

6. The screen behind them added so much to the show. I loved seeing the cameras during The Chain, World Turning, and Don't Stop focused on each of the major players at the same time split-screen style. It really added to the cohesive feel of each song and how the band came together to make such a thunderous sound. It was odd in certain sections, like the whale in You Make Loving Fun. Otherwise it added to the mood wonderfully. Loved the reference to the classic full moon backdrop they used in the mid-70s during Say You Love Me.

7. I always get bored of Mick's drum solo on World Turning on bootlegs or concert vids. Not in person, he's a ham and puts on a fantastic show. I appreciated how he taunted the crowd during the solo to keep them invested and how much energy he threw into those things. His interactions with the percussionist were great as well.

8. Mike was blistering as a guitarist. He gave every song so much punch, even lighter fluff like Hold Me suddenly grew some balls. Favorite version of Oh Well ever.

9. Neil Finn did a good job filling in for Lindsey. They only played two Lindsey-led songs, which was in good taste all things considered. His vocals on Don't Dream It's Over were fantastic, and Stevie's contributions lent that song some weight. I'd love to hear a studio version of their duet.

10. The bands playing was TIGHT and THUNDEROUS. I was worried certain songs would be a little anemic in such a big arena but they made low-key songs like Hold Me engaging as hell. The vibe created during The Chain, Rhiannon, and Gold Dust Woman was so serious and eerie as well.

Just happy my first Mac concert was such a great one
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