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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
If I were only going to take 1 album, it might be Gift of Screws.

mine would be Seeds. followed closely by Gift. and Cradle.

today's list of 10:

In Our Own Time
Down on Rodeo
The Right Place To Fade
Seeds We Sow (electric)
Rock Away Blind
To Try For The Sun
You Do Or You Don't
Turn It On
D.W. Suite

recently i also posted this list in one of the fb groups:

from Cradle - Turn It On, This is the Time and You Do or You Don't
from Go Insane - DW Suite
from L&O - Shadow of the West, also Johnny Stew and A Satisfied Mind
from UTS - Rodeo, To Try For The Sun
from GOS - The Right Place to Fade, Underground and GoS
from Seeds - In Our Own Time, That's the Way That Love Goes, Rock Away Blind, Gone Too Far and seeds We Sow Electric version

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