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Default's more of the same if I say that this is a very very wise Lindsey, who can talk about life without the pressure of being a rock star, I guess...

It's good to read that he didn't want another Rumours and that he did an important effort to make something totally different. And it worked! Even when it was not successful as Rumours, at least Tusk left a couple of very pretty songs...
It's rare to see that Law & Order is totally out from this list. Why he didn't talk about it? But, after reading this, I'm totally sure that his first solo album was still on the same way than Tusk, in terms of making process...and that changed with Mirage (BTW, when I listen to the demos of Mirage, some of them sound really like Law & Order songs! Am I wrong?)...

I understood that he needed to make something shorter after Out Of The Cradle. It's a long album, and that's so true, but but's his most beautiful and complete album!! But Under The Skin was good too, and shows very good his moment with FM after The Dance and Say You Will, and his new life as a...Family Man.

And his latest works...well, not so much to say! His work with Chis was very well received, but it's rare for me to read that Christine had only two or three songs only for that...Really? A very creative mind like hers and after a very long pause??
Lindsey Buckingham has more sense for me now reading that it was written in a big part just before his forced departured from FM...
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