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Originally Posted by PenguinHead View Post
The characteristic Stevie fashion sense that has a lasting influential impact is rooted in the past, when she was much younger. She embodied a hip, hippie chic look that was in style in that era, and she with varied clothes and colors.

The latter day Stevie routinely wears just black "uniform" dresses that either look a little bit matronly, slightly sadomasochistic, or just a little off. There is nothing current or influential about her attire. The Fashion Police would arrest her. I bet her casual, off-stage/at home attire is far more cooler and fashionable.

I have little interest fashion, but I do go with the subtle flow of style changes through time. I retired my moccasins and flared jeans from the 1970s, my Members Only jacket from the 1980s and my grunge duds from the 1990s.
Well put. Her days of being influential in fashion are way behind her which is sad. There's absolutely no reason Stevie couldn't continue her innovative, inspiring and unique fashion choices but she has chosen not to. And I don't buy the age excuse, if that is indeed her reason. Her former looks are timeless and not age specific. Of course she shouldn't be running around the stage in just a leotard anymore but she stopped doing that anyway a long time ago (mid 80's to be exact). I'm sure there's some point in her mind that she's attempting to make/prove by wearing the same boring outfit on stage e night after night but I think she needs to try just a little harder. A few extra shawls and lace go a long way.

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