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Default Designer Reem Acra Talks Stevie Nicks

One Minute With Ö Reem Acra
Jihan Forbes February 17th, 2015, The Fashion Spot

Attention gypsy queens with a thing for Old World royalty ó Reem Acra just put out your dream wardrobe. The designerís Fall 2015 offering was all bell sleeves, high necks and dripping, just dripping in ornate beadwork. The collection was a combination of romance and glamour, a few pieces giving us a modern-day Anne Boleyn vibe ó if Anne Boleyn was a gypsy queen and listened to Stevie Nicks.

Pre-show, we caught up with the designer backstage to get the tea on what we were about to see.

theFashionSpot: Tell us a little about what you were thinking when you put this together.

Reem Acra: When I first started I thought about Stevie Nicks, and I went into my archives and started to dig up all those embroideries I collected for so many years and little things here and there, feathers and so on. I thought to myself, ďThatís so me, thatís my personality,Ē the gypsy modern girl that I wanted to portray. Stevie Nicks, I looked at her pictures, those self-portraits are really unbelievable, and I took the colors from there. The inspiration was basically her and then I went into my own world and this came out.

tFS: What is your favorite Stevie Nicks song?

RA: Well, youíre going to hear it right now. You will hear a demo, actually, rather than a song thatís out. Itís incredible that we were able to get this demo. You will hear something special.

tFS: Should we expect a Stevie Nicks sighting tonight?

RA: Unfortunately, sheís in Atlanta! But we sent her a message.

tFS: What is your favorite piece from this collection?

RA: Itís hard to say that I have a specific favorite piece, I think itís all about the vibe of the collection. Every piece is really magical. There is nothing here that isnít the collection. Itís a whole thing altogether.

tFS: Itís freezing outside. What advice do you have for women trying to dress for extreme cold? Thereís a lot of girls out here with bare legsÖ

RA: Just be warm! Itís not about being undressed or looking cool. I have three, four layers on underneath here!

tFS: This is Fashion Weekís last time at Lincoln Center. What are you going to miss or not miss about the venue?

RA: Itís not about the place, I think itís about the collection. It doesnít matter to me where Iím showing, as long as itís New York City, anywhere. It doesnít matter.

tFS: What are you doing when this is all over?

RA: Going back to work tomorrow morning!
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