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Originally Posted by BlanketMan View Post
I don't know about anyone else, but my definition of a "cover band" is, generally speaking, any time a different lead singer is performing a well-known song. So if the new Mac sings Don't Dream It's Over, with Neil Finn singing, they're not a cover band; if they perform some Tom Petty songs with Finn (or anyone else) singing, then they're a cover band. Or when they sing Lindsey's songs = cover band. When they perform Stevie and Chris's songs? Not a cover band. Things get complicated on tunes like The Chain or Don't Stop, though!

so if you look on for example for the eagles, if they do a solo Walsh or Henley song, that's listed as a cover. even though it's the same singer. if stevie nicks does a solo concert and sings Rhiannon, that's listed as FM cover. if FM does Stand Back, it's listed as Stevie Nicks cover.

so if they sing any Petty, Crowded House, Neil Finn, Dirty Knobs, or Stevie and Christine solo songs, those will all be covers.

since they still call themselves FM, any era FM songs would not be listed as covers on

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