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Default All the Various Rumours Editions

I have the following Rumours versions:

1. The 1977 release (CD and vinyl)
2. The 2004 release with an outtakes CD
3. The 2001 DVD-A
4. The Deluxe Edition (CD, Vinyl, Rosebud film, Live CD, 2 outtake CDs)

I'm not trying to be a completest on this album or anything, but I do like remasters, outtakes, demos and rough cuts. So far, I haven't bothered to see if I have any overlap on outtakes, demos, etc. I understand there is a remastered version now? Assuming it contains rare gems not previously released, does anyone know off hand what it would add to my collection? I'm trying to avoid having to write it all out on paper so I can compare. I'm also assuming a remastered version may not sound a whole lot better than the DVD-A. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance for any information you fellow collectors can add.
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