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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Christine's songs were mostly up to her standards. "Skies the Limit" (which should have been "Sky's the Limit," but I suspect was intentionally misspelled since United Airlines -Fly the Friendly Skies- was the big tour sponsor) was a little clunky.

Billy had maybe the second best batch of songs, although I really could have lived without "Hard Feelings." "When It Comes To Love" would have been better without the cheesy intro and with better production (a theme for this album).

Stevie and Rick had mostly forgettable songs, although better production might have helped.

Billy and Rick had better songs that weirdly got passed over.

Overall, I think the band was in top form as musicians, but the songs weren't especially strong. Stevie's songs weren't here weakest, definitely not her strongest, and were mostly bland and forgettable (although I'd love to have Mike produce a redo of "Freedom" because it could be a pretty good song).
Your summation is one I would agree with, although I clearly love the album much more than you. It is hard to understand how Intuition and Game of Love were passed over, as those two songs by Rick and Billy were so good. Stevie’s songs, I feel, are definitely not only the weakest of the four, but her personal weakest as well, yet ironically her vocals are great, and I can never get enough of their harmonies. I agree, a redo of Freedom would be cool.

Regarding the infamous Skies the Limit- you’re correct that grammatically it should be Sky’s the Limit, but it’s funny that people have posted here before that they hate the song because of the title ‘error.’ First off, if someone dislikes the song because of the way a word is spelled in the title, that’s stupid LOL and secondly, the title itself is never even sang in the song- the chorus is “the sky is the limit now (oh, the sky is the limit.)” Your theory of why the title is written as Skies the Limit is interesting but I doubt it’s accurate. The tour details would have come well after the album was completed, IMO. Maybe it’s a British thing, at least that’s the ‘Rumour’ I heard.
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