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Alejandro Escovedo talks about songs on his album:

Street Songs

I really love this song. First of all, it's very different than anything else on the record. I wanted to write a song very much like David Bowie's song "I'm Afraid of Americans." So I started writing that riff [hums riff], which reminded me very much of early Fleetwood Mac, when it was Jeremy Spencer, Peter Green and Danny Kirwan, so it was a real guitar-heavy thing. The lyrics really came from the residency that I did at the Continental Club in South Austin I did two months there before we made the record. We'd bring three new songs every Tuesday night, present them to the audience acoustically, and then bring the band out and show the audience how we could arrange things. So those lyrics became about that part of town in Austin. Then as I was traveling ... I met someone who became part of that song also. There were all these parts I had a lot to draw from. It became a little like "Walk on the Wild Side."
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