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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
No one could handle the vocals on Tusk like Lindsey. That would be like another singer besides Stevie singing Silver Springs. Lindsey owns Tusk. It was crazy enough they did Second Hand News but songs from Tusk are another animal that no one dare perform without Lindsey.
I agree. Just like there are some songs a Christine replacement could not pull off, such as Brown Eyes or Songbird. Same thing with a Stevie replacement not being able to pull off Rhiannon or Gold Dust Woman. Some FM songs are so identified with the singer that they probably shouldn’t be performed by anyone else, whereas songs like Dreams, Go Your Own Way, and Don’t Stop are identified more closely with the band as a whole.

I remember a quote from Stevie saying one of the reasons she didn’t care for the Tusk tour was because they performed a lot of songs she didn’t care for, so really I’m not surprised FM didn’t perform songs from Tusk on their last tour, other than Storms, which sadly got switched with Gypsy early on.

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