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Default San Jose/Paso Robles Shows (Oregon Girl =0)

Met a few Ledgies at the SJ show, and really hope to hear from you 2 ladies. I mostly wanted to tell you that I didn't get to meet Chris in PR, and that lady that was so nice to us was nowhere to be seen night 2. I can't help but wonder who she was party to (the venue said not them, but you'd think I'd see her again if she were part of band management) but Chris did sign my photo from the stage. Wasn't the best experience as I fumbled round 1, and round 2 she got exasperated as the pen still had the cap on (like I'm going to let a rogue sharpie near that photo ) Still...these shows were fabulous. I can't get over hearing Shut Us Down live-it just never gets old for me. Also, Hold Me is a real treat. I saw them in Murphy's earlier this year, but if I had the means I'd be at every show. What a wonderful event to be at. If you'd asked me 20 years ago if I thought I'd see just the 2 of them live 'd have thought it ridiculous.

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