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Originally Posted by elle View Post
we are worried that instead of getting out there, he'll sit back and wait till this blows over, and that he's probably willing, with the right amount of grovelling to go back to the band that has been the masterpiece of his life's work.
As much as I like the band (the five of them), I hope he NEVER goes back again. After this stunt and the crap way they are handling it, even if Mick were penniless living on the street with a reformed Rumors-era Mac as his only saving grace to earn some coin to live his last years with some dignity, that Lindsey would tell them all to GFY's. He'd have to require some sort of formal apology and it won't happen. Mick Jagger did this to Keith Richards before he agreed to do any more shows in 2012 and beyond for the Stones 50th. He forced Keith to apologize for saying Mick had a "tiny todger" in Keith's autobiography. I just can't see this happening and if nothing else, hopefully Kristen Buckingham would tell Lindsey "you don't need this, you don't need them, you certainly don't need her, nor the money....F them...let's just enjoy our life and do what we want to do!"

At this stage of the game, for them to do this is truly unimaginable. They rode this man's coattails for years and years. His solo work became band albums/tours. He provided energy and life to their live shows that the other two singers simply could never bring, especially in the "modern era" starting in 1997. Christine seemed bored to tears during The Dance tour and you could see she was done. Stevie's voice has continued to decline substantially since that time and her stage presence has become very dull, except of course for her ridiculous Gold Dust Woman dance or story time. Even old Mick has slowed down a lot...check out the tempo on Go Your Own Way from 1997-2004 and compare it to 2014-15. Lindsey, despite his increasingly declined vocal abilities, has been used over the last 20+ years to keep the band as an energetic force in concert and not just a bunch of old bumps on a log croaking out their greatest hits on the county fair or summer shed tour circuits.
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