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Originally Posted by MoonSister75 View Post
There is a magic to the performances with the classic 5 line-up, but there might just be a different kind of magic with this new line-up. I appreciate Lindsey fans are angry, but I also appreciate why this change may have been necessary - I think the tensions within the band built to a point where it just became difficult to work together.
here's what's interesting: it's not Lindsey fans that are the most angry about all of this.

i run fb LB group, as some may know. the people who are the most disappointed and the loudest are people who used to be huge Stevie fans and are now seeing her as something they never thought she would become. and BN fans who loved the relationship story permeating so many of this era FM songs. or rumours-era FM fans (vast majority, if you do the math 1975 was a very long time ago, people born after rumours 5 became a band are now in their 40s) who love all 5 and their magic together.

Lindsey fans are on the fence. of course his fans acutely sense the betrayal that Lindsey must feel. the non-respect, unequal treatment and non-appreciation of him by the band - because it's money money money for Mick (like someone here said - when it was between money and Peter Green, he chose money). most of us are not nearly as disappointed in SN, because we never thought that much of her anyway. if we already had some ambivalence about Mick, that now turned into complete disdain. we are worried whether LB is now, when not having the mac machine behind him, vulnerable to little industry games by managers and label that was always a part of messing his output since the mid 90s, because it is obvious that while he may be musical genius he has no business sense whatsoever., and people who he hires to do that part for him seem to be all wrong.

but we are ecstatic that finally - finally! - he is not wasting the little time he has left (you know, 10+ years ) with the stuck in a rut band, trying to push the rock up the hill against the bitter ex who keeps putting weight on that rock, to show him who's the boss now.

he can create now as fast as he wants to, release new music, and bring back into spotlight and on the road his gems from the last 20+ years that had stayed in the shadows because of his relative anonymity. he doesn't have to waste years he doesn't have anymore on the road rehashing old hits just so Mick can fill his coffers, his output in this century has been incredible, and he's on the top of his game. so no, Lindsey fans are just worried that he'll not get his new music out there and will just sit on it like he did at the time of OOTC and GOS. we are worried that instead of getting out there, he'll sit back and wait till this blows over, and that he's probably willing, with the right amount of grovelling to go back to the band that has been the masterpiece of his life's work. i really hope he stays solo from now on (no joining ABBA please!) pushes out all his solo projects now as fasts as possible, and/or does some interesting collaborations with all the different artists who are salivating for the chance to collaborate with him (although he should seek out people, like Bowie always did, instead of sitting back and just saying yes when people to come to him!).

anyway, from this Lindsey fan......... because i saw several times being brought up that "lindsey fans are upset" so hope this helps you see the more rounded picture. of all the different groups of FM fans who are upset now, Lindsey fans are just a small fraction.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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