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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
Sounds like it was a series of individual votes and Christine wasn't extended the courtesy. Mick and or Stevie made the decision, ran it by John and then delivered the news to Chris. They banked on the fact she wouldn't want to leave again, totally taking advantage of her and any insecurities about being new to the band again.

Regarding Stevie talking over Chris, she's just a rude out of control egomaniac. There's not a way to say it any nicer.

I personally don't like anything that The Heartbreakers ever did, they are soooo boring to my ears. Crowded House, well, generic or something. I do believe that Lindseys enormous edgy energy was the difference between FM and any other Oldies band. And I can't see how the comparative sleepyheads can wake up the band or the audience like he did in a life concert.

And there is still the total lack of respect towards Lindsey and the fans who followed the Five Fireflies over the decades. I can't seem to get over that.
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