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I seem to be in the minority, at least compared with the most frequent posters in the rumours forum, but I'm quite excited about this new line-up. If there needed to be a change from the Rumours 5, then Mike and Neil are inspired choices for the type of audiences that FM will want to be reaching out to. I don't think I'll be going to any shows (I need my holidays more than I need FM shows right now) but I'll be interested to hear how the tour progresses.
Regardless of went on behind the scenes, my feeling is that the No1 priority for all remaining members is getting out on tour asap, whilst they are still are still healthy enough to do so.

There is a magic to the performances with the classic 5 line-up, but there might just be a different kind of magic with this new line-up. I appreciate Lindsey fans are angry, but I also appreciate why this change may have been necessary - I think the tensions within the band built to a point where it just became difficult to work together.
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