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Originally Posted by fringed n fab View Post
I just wish all of this had been brought up sooner to us on here before the owners were forced to talk selling or closing.
I've dropped posts encouraging people to become supporting members the past year or so. I remember you in particular responding to those posts in the past. You aren't interested in becoming a supporting member, and that's just fine.

Originally Posted by fringed n fab View Post
At this rate is 12 dollars going to help at all? is my point. It would take a lot of registered members putting together the 12 dollars to get them (the owners) the money they need to continue operating month to month at this point it seems to me.
If every single person who has read the announcement about the Ledge sale (which is posted at the top of every forum) became supporting members, this site would not just support itself, it would earn money. This revenue could be reinvested into not just the Ledge, but the rest of There is so much more could offer.
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