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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post
It seems like lots of arguments against parting with $12. The problem is that if a new owner bought it tomorrow, they still have the same costs and the problem is that you still don't know if your $12 is going to stop the site closing within that 12 months.
Michele's point as I see it is that she can not financially afford to keep paying for this site. So basically because no-one is supporting this site it runs the risk of closing. So the very reason against supporting the site (closing) is the reason it is for sale and obviously if no-one buys, may close.

Maybe in the USA $12 is worth a whole lot more than it is in Australia. I mean I know you don't earn as much per year as we generally do in Australia, but I didn't realise you were THAT poor!
At this rate is 12 dollars going to help at all? is my point. It would take a lot of registered members putting together the 12 dollars to get them (the owners) the money they need to continue operating month to month at this point it seems to me. And Tango? We understand your frustration but it's not right to go singling people out, many may have their reasons until they better understand what's about to take place soon here since no one's really come forth and made any official announcements about helping save the site. Right now all we know is it's up for sale.

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