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My 2 cents:

First---What is Candle in the Window?

One the plus side, there is a lot of cool stuff (IYWML, SAY) . I love those live songs (Sisters of the Moon, Love in Store, Eyes of the World, Blue Letter, and no Dreams live, thank good ness), so having them on CD will be great. And there is something new that I've never heard of (Put a Candle in the that a Stevie song? It sounds like one).

It's really too bad that there is no DVD with concert video. But they can release the next deluxe version with that in a few years and we'll all buy it again (See Rumours and Tusk reissues).

A lot will depend on how different the alternate and early versions are from the ones that made it to Mirage. If they are only slightly different, then it's not that big a deal. IF they are really different, like the alternate Tusk, then it will something really special. Also, I don't understand what the DVD tracks 13 through 20 are.


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