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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
I have a feeling we might be pleasantly surprised by possible attendances. Lindsey and Chris couldn't each draw big crowds solo as they were never big names in the way Stevie was. However, they won't be playing solo and Fleetwood Mac as a brand carries a lot of weight. Do we really think the majority of people that come to FM shows are big fans that own most of the albums? (and Stevie Nicks albums?)...of course they aren't. The majority of the people that see gigs are casual fans that own a couple of albums at most and in many cases just have a Greatest Hits disc. A lot of people will therefore still come as the Fleetwood Mac moniker is a big draw. Some might question why the 'witchy woman' isnt present but they'd still be pretty happy to hear GYOW, The Chain, Little Lies, Hold Me etc. Additionally it's the goddamned anniversary year. The media interest stemming from that alone is enough to bring in decent numbers. I can see them getting the same numbers as Stevie's shows have been getting.
I second this.
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