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Originally Posted by 24karatstevie View Post
I am also not bitter. Just because Stevie is my favourite member doesn't mean I don't love the other 4. I'm actually really proud of Stevie for going out and doing what makes her happy with this solo tour. While I would love a new album with all 5, I understand Stevie's reluctance. However, if the other 4 want to go ahead and release an album that's fine with me; I would love to hear new music. And while I personally wouldn't attend a show without Stevie there, I have no problem with a small 4 piece tour for those who would like to see it. The only thing I'm not fond of is the outright name calling against Stevie (or any of the members for that matter). My only wish is that the proposed 2018 world tour will be a mix of greatest hits and deep cuts. This formula has certainly worked for the 24 Karat Gold Tour. Hopefully, something will come about in the near future that will make all fans happy.

Just curious- why wouldn't you attend a show with 4 other musicians that you like and enjoy? I would see Lindsey solo, and I would see Christine solo. Why wouldn't you see Lindsey and Christine together? Why would you not see people that you admittedly enjoy.
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