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Originally Posted by ThePenguin
I think Child of Mine and Homeward Bound are tied for my favorites. And Sunny Side of Heaven is just beautiful as well.

FWIW Chris has always said she didn't think her voice was too great years ago, and that she improved as the years went by, with practice. She had a quote from her 1984 documentary that was along the lines of-- "I just didn't start singing overnight and sound great....John'll tell you cause he's heard some of my early records, boy.... (chuckles) moral support."

IMO her voice aged really well, like a fine wine. it totally got better as time passed.

Christine really is the opposite of 99% of singers. Most go steadily downhill after about age 35-40. She just keeps getting better.
and Stevie Nicks was starting to lumber along like a sod-packed wheelbarrow.
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