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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
Christine really is the opposite of 99% of singers. Most go steadily downhill after about age 35-40. She just keeps getting better.
That is so true!

She sang beautifully on ITM, and it was clear no or very little studio effects were used on her voice there.

I was also amazed at how she grew as a live singer from 1984 onward. Before this, it was not unusual to hear her struggling to stay on pitch. But on her solo tour, and then especially the Tango tour forward she was really dynamite live. I am in awe of how well "Save Me" sounds in the 1990 live Vegas show. And her "Dance" vocals were impeccable.

I thought she might be a disaster on the most recent tour, given her age, but she was great. With the exception of a handful of shows, her voice was pretty much in tact. And it has lost none of its warmth.
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