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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
This may be true, but Bob Welch's experience with soul music in the 60s definitely helped him shape vocal arrangements. You can hear interesting harmonies on "Lay it All Down," "Future Games," "The Ghost," and of course "Sentimental Lady"--and none of these appear to have been shaped or guided by Kirwan's hand. In fact, the presence of harmonies increases once Kirwan leaves.
My only point was that Danny introduced that element to the band, as further proof of his impact on Mac history (and not that he was the ringleader in each instance of it). The others in the front line all added substantially, that goes without saying. Bob was a master of it, like you said, having that expansive and unique rock & soul & funk background to tap from. Not sure if it really increases after Kirwan's departure, considering the Kiln House example from early on, but it certainly didn't decrease!

Christine always found it harder to work directly with Danny, so that may attribute to the seeming tailing off you're perceiving (she was also not as sure of herself, or her place, as she was later). We have to remember, Kirwan came to FM for Peter, and not Christie or Jeremy - or to front the unit! His only true failing in the group was not being able to go front and center with confidence, shades of Green and Spencer before him. Varying degrees of insecurity got to them all, much of it drug or substance fueled. Kirwan was also innately shy and reserved (except with the guitar), which didn't help -- nor did the abrupt departure of his mentor Green.

Danny also kept the great instrumental card on the table after Peter left. Welch and Weston kept it alive during their tenures, but I'm drawing a blank as to whether Buckingham added much to it, or at all. I remember Stephanie from B&N, but surely there was more. Someone set me straight!

The Mac kind of lost me somewhere around Tusk city (and beyond). Not fully mind you, they still turned out some pleasant (and at times inspired) stuff, just as a willing accomplice.

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