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Originally Posted by Villavic View Post
According to Wikipedia Mick is 71.
Christine will be 75 on july 12
John will be 73 on november 26
Stevie is 70
Lindsey will be 69 on october 3

I don't know any singer who went on tour in his very late 70s or at 80 or more. Is there any?I have read Sinatra did a last show when he was 79, but not sure if it was within a tour. That's why I was saying in other post a reunion of the 5 guys lineup is increasingly unlikely each day. And who knows what will be the mood of those five in the next years.
Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
B.B. King was in his 80s, Buddy Guy is 81, and John Mayall is 84.
Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
Ian Hunter is 79 years old, is still touring rock clubs, and is in the midst of a series of reunion concerts with two other members of Mott the Hoople.

Ringo Starr will be 78 in a few days and still playing gigs where he drums and sings lead.

I just saw John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful), age 74, play a solo gig.

Just some examples.
Bob Dylan is 77, Jerry Lee Lewis is 82, Willie Nelson is 85, Leonard Cohen was 79 during his last tour, Little Richard around 80, Chuck Berry in his late 80s.
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