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Originally Posted by Villavic View Post
According to Wikipedia Mick is 71.
Christine will be 75 on july 12
John will be 73 on november 26
Stevie is 70
Lindsey will be 69 on october 3

I don't know any singer who went on tour in his very late 70s or at 80 or more. Is there any?I have read Sinatra did a last show when he was 79, but not sure if it was within a tour. That's why I was saying in other post a reunion of the 5 guys lineup is increasingly unlikely each day. And who knows what will be the mood of those five in the next years.
I think Christine and John are the wildcards. IMO, If they bend to Stevie's directive to tour every 3 years, Christine will be 78 and John 76. That could be tough for those two, although John's health seems good. Actually Lindsey is probably the biggest wildcard---if they come a knockin' again, he should tell them to shove it. As a fan, I hope he wouldn't, particularly given his comments about the legacy, but as a human being, I would stand up and applaud if he told them to take a hike.

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