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Default and so it goes...

According to the Man of of the World DVD, Jeremy thought the music coming from the basement was crap (he was there). I'm sure those jams probably resemble the "End of the Game" material.

I also noticed that not only do the other members from the Man/World DVD use Munich to blame Peter's "change", but they also include Danny Kirwan since he went to the mansion with Peter. "They both were never the same". It does sound convenient doesn't it? Only a crazy person would want to leave a commercially successful rock band just about to break it open in the United States.

However, in Christopher Hjort's book he describes Peter's behavior in Europe as "erratic". He was throwing wah pedals at roadies screaming "fix it", when it wasn't broken. Dinky Dawson tried to avoid him most of the time during that tour. Peter was clearly unhappy. Another example is Peter's request for flash photography to cease once the concert began at the Roundhouse Chalkfarm 4/70. Flashbulbs can really mess with someone who's been affected by LSD. However, his guitar playing was unmatched, a true professional to the end for the fans.

So it's agreed that Peter was leaving no matter what, the question is would Peter have given up music altogether without the drugs? Would his schizophrenia have occurred naturally, possibly later in life?
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